Import / Export

Have you sold or bought some goods abroad? Are you participating in a fair or an exhibition? Or you are planning to move abroad? Whether you are importing or exporting, we can take care of your worldwide shipments by truck, plane or boat (in individual containers or groupage). The quality of service and the price of an expedition abroad are highly dependent on the mode of transport and the preferred maritime company or airline. That is why we have developed strong partnerships to expand the quality of our services to the world. Our team will advise you of the best transportation solution that best fits your budget, your deadline and the type of goods you wish to transport.

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Transport by Truck

Truck transportation (groupage by truck, express transportation, special transportation, crane trucks, etc.) is recommended for transport within Europe.
Groupage transportation by truck is a cost-effective solution for packages that exceed a volume of one cubic meter. This type of transport requires flexibility on delivery times and does not allow personal services such as "white glove delivery".

The option of express by truck is a white glove delivery service highly preferred in the transportation of art. It is more expensive but guarantees impeccable service, flawless security, trackability day and night and at any time to suit your needs. The truck is reserved solely for your items.

Our company owns its own trucks for removals, collections and deliveries within Europe. We also have weekly shuttles to Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Transport by Plane

Airfreight is the fastest and cheapest solution for parcels up to several cubic meters of volume. Transport by air allows almost continuous tracking of your shipment. You have the choice to send your cargo to the airport closest to the destination address or you can opt for our 'door to door' service with home delivery (DDU or DDP). The clearance of the goods can be made by your own agent or by the services of our local partners.

For maximum speed, we can use express delivery companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS.

About customs formalities

When it comes to transportation and customs, we all think of red tape. But don't fear, Embelco can handle all of these formalities for you. Our administrative team will relieve you of all the tasks related to customs, such as transport documents, transit documents, ATA Carnet, export permits, CITES certificate, proof of export (EXA documents) and other formalities related to permanent and temporary importation or exportation.

Transport by Boat

Maritime transport is the most cost-effective solution beyond a few cubic meters. Transport by sea is also the longest solution. Sea freight can be shipped in groupage/Loss-Container-Load (LCL) or in individual containers of 20 feet (30 cubic meters) or 40 feet (60 cubic meters). Our team is trained to efficiently pack containers. The available volume is managed better and the internal fixation is meticulous.