Prices and conditions

We have 3 different price ranges to suit your needs. Various sizes of boxes are available in each range.

Prices for a unit on the ground floor include:

Due to its ease of access, this option is recommended for those who frequently drop off or pick up items or for those who are storing very heavy or bulky items.

Prices for a Luxury unit on the ground floor include:

This option is particularly recommeded for those who wish to store goods (such as artwork, antiques) that are temperature sensitive.

Prices for a Second Floor Unit include:

This option is recommended for economical storage of longer duration.


For added flexibility, our rental conditions can be adapted according to what is requested.

Ask to see our complete rental conditions for more details!


It goes without saying that our building and its contents are insured to a capped amount. While totally secure, we can offer additional insurance for your property as long as we can have a list of the stored items with their individual values. The amount of insurance is determined based on the types of items and their values. Feel free to contact us for more information.