Packing and transport of valuable goods


The packaging of artwork is an art in itself that is perfected by our team every day. For over 60 years, Embelco continues to offer its customers the best knowledge and experience in the handling, packaging, and transport (national and international) of artworks, antiques, and other fragile items.

It is no coincidence that many galleries, artists, auction houses, antique shops, fairs, museums, and private collectors have put their trust in us for years. Whether it concerns masterpieces, contemporary works, ancient vases, personal effects or any other goods of value, we have the professional solution to your request. Nothing should be left to chance!

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From pickup to delivery, it is our pleasure to relieve you of all the constraints related to the shipment of valuables. The success of each operation is our duty, a suitable price is a necessity, our speed is guaranteed, and our availability is our trademark. Each entrusted mission is treated with the utmost care matching the market or sentimental value of your possessions.

Feel free to contact us for more information, special requests or quotations. You can reach us by phone, fax or email. You can also complete the online quote form to request a price. You will receive the quote the same day.