Packaging is an art that cannot be improvised

Packaging / Crating

Because each work is unique, our packaging is made to measure. It is essential that the choice of packaging is suitable for your merchandise and ideal for the mode of transportation as well as for your budget. Obviously, our first priority is the security of your merchandise, which in turn affects the price of transport. Did you know that improper packaging can increase the price of transport ?

A masterpiece, a sculpture or a piece of antique furniture should never be packed in the same manner because every single fragile item requires its own special packaging. Our team will find the best quality packaging solution and the most appropriate materials tailored to your request. We offer several types of packaging.

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About Pre-packaging

If the choice of exterior packaging is important, then it is probably even more important to choose good interior packaging. The pre-packaging and the fixation of your items is a major step. Our staff is trained to select the most suitable materials. We have a wide range of products and materials such as tissue paper, corrugated cardboard, bubble-wrap, styrofoam, Tyvek, foam corner protectors, foam padding with flexibility, and so on.

Packaging in custom-made wooden crates

Our team of carpenters/packers take great care in designing and manufacturing wooden crates, for air or sea transport, with or without skates, handles, wheels, locking clips, hinges, tilts, with screws or nails, reinforcements, collapsible boxes, air-tight seals, paddings, etc ... We always keep in mind to minimize lost space in order to save volume and thus reduce the price of transport. This is, of course, never at the risk of the security of your items. The timber used in packaging complies with ISPM standards (fumigation, heat treatment) which is a requirement in most countries of destination.

Custom-made wooden pallets

An alternative to heavy wooden crates is the use of pallets. Not all items require heavy packaging. The use of a pallet, a wooden base of specific dimensions, is an effective and cheap alternative for national and international transport. This type of packaging is also perfectly suited for shipments in shipping containers. The wood of the pallet is cut and sized to suit the measurements of your items (whether or not they are packed in boxes). Once placed on the pallet, the item(s) is secured with straps and the whole package is then wrapped in plastic stretch film.

Packaging in Boxes

Although boxes are not well recommended for fragile items, cardboard boxes are a solution for certain types of transport. This is the lightest and least expensive packaging solution. However, they are frequently used for the pre-packaging of items before crating or palletizing.